Monday, October 15, 2012

Cyclops Pencilized!

Next step? Turning the collage in my last post into a finished drawing. Voila!

Now, the final step in this project is transforming this work into a full-scale painting using black, white, and 1 color of choice. I shall update this with the finished product when it's done.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Collage Work - October 8th

Let's start with a piece I created today in Design class. The point of this project (commonly called Project 5) is meant to push us to put together a surreal, dada, pop art, or cubist piece of art from a collection of either personal photographs, famous artwork, and/or advertisement images.

I chose to piece together two paintings by Gustave Courbet (Self-Portrait and Panoramic View of the Alps), and then I chose two personal stock photos of my own. With much editing, I present... Behind the Cyclop's Eye.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Now We're At The Start

A new Blogger? Oh my!

Yeah, I'm new here.

My name is Christopher Neal, and I'm an aspiring artist determined to break into the illustration industry. First, though, I've got to tackle college and get myself whipped into shape.

I am currently a freshman resident/student of CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design), and I realize that I need to improve my standing in the artistic community. Thus, the creation of this blog!

I shall be posting here often, updating it with personal projects and class studies. Be sure to follow me, and I shall follow in return!

-Christopher Neal